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About Us

To make verification process easier, safer, and securer for our customers TestifyDoc is motivated by technology and innovation. TestifyDoc aims to make universities admissions smooth, transparent, and agile for all the key stakeholders. Assurance of documents remains an important area of consideration for international universities and immigration authorities. Realising that the critical aspect of this process hinges on authentication and genuityof documents, TestifyDoc with its cutting-edge technology offers a secured portal to universities and immigration department for verification of academic and related documents confidently and swiftly.

TestifyDoc offers a reliable means of matching key admission related documents with the original digital records stored securely on TestifyDoc servers. Our reengineered verification process addresses and eliminates all the bottlenecks in current admission process for both the universities and visa issuing authorities by making verification of admission related legitimate documents easier securer and faster.

Why TestifyDoc?

Why TestifyDoc?

By leveraging on volumes, TestifyDoc is perfectly placed to meet the needs of all networking partners at the lowest tiered pricing. Authorised users can access and verify the following documents on our servers:

• Academic transcripts

• Letter of completion

• Character certificates

• English language testing results

• Financial documents